Once upon a time…

I started blogging out of my passion for Warhammer. I wanted to share with like-minded geeks my drawings and illustrations inspired on that grim universe. After a few years using WordPress I decided to finally integrate my blog and my website and here we are!

I am going to use this blog as a sketchbook, to show you in more detail pieces that may or may not appear on my portfolio upon completion. Expect to see a lot of work in progress, doodles and ideas that are always swirling in my mind.

I am going to keep the old blog on hold but I’m not going to delete it any time soon. You can still check it out here.

The past 6 months have been quite rough for me (I got made redundant from work) but like the drawing above, I am still fighting! I am working on a few projects but I could do with a regular job. Perhaps it is time to start freelancing at full steam again. If you need a graphic artist just let me know! 😉

Anyway, please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts (in any language!), they’re going to be appreciated.

Update 18/08/2015: I’m back working as a full-time graphic designer, but I’m always interested to hear about creative projects, if you have one please give me a shout 🙂

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Manuel Mesones is a Peruvian graphic designer and illustrator. Running away from the sun, he moved to Yorkshire, England, over a decade ago. His weapon of choice is a ballpoint pen but he is also very keen on digital illustration.


  1. Interesante Blog. Me gusta sobre todo el art cover de The Black Wind’s Whisper’s
    Curiosa amalgama de gustos literarios 🙂

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