Continuing with my cyberpunk study, I am going to paint this sketch digitally. I want to have a lot of detail on the main character’s face, but I want the warriors surrounding her to blend with the background. I tend to focus on the details too much, I get lost in them and I think many times it is just unnecessary. So on this occasion I want to focus in getting the right atmosphere and let the details to be subtle for once. It is going to be a good exercise for me. Let’s see how it goes 🙂

The word kensei means sword saint in japanese. I just wanted to portray a big fight between a lone wolf against a myriad of corporate cyborgs. If you noticed, the main character is wielding a katana while the enemies’ weapon of choice is a ninjato. So this is a classic samurai versus ninja scenario – and hey, I favour the former! 😛

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Manuel Mesones is a Peruvian graphic designer and illustrator. Running away from the sun, he moved to Yorkshire, England, over a decade ago. His weapon of choice is a ballpoint pen but he is also very keen on digital illustration.

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