Skulls for the Skull Throne

This is a warrior from Norsca, a Graelinger, a marauder on the path to become a Chaos Champion.

I drew this norse barbarian a couple of years ago, I think I was still playing Warhammer Online at the time.

From the harsh snowlands they comeblue of eye and blonde of hair and tattooed upon arms, face and chest. Their eyes are mad with bloodlust, for blood they thirst, driven forth on the whims of the gods they seek to appease. Clad in few garments and wielding clumsy and brutal axes and maces, they rage against the civilized lands of the south, burning, pillaging and looting all before them as a sacrifice to their uncaring masters beyond the gates of hell in the northern wastes.”
The Liber Chaotica, penned by Richter Kleiss, Priest of Sigmar, declared insane




Manuel Mesones is a Peruvian graphic designer and illustrator. Running away from the sun, he moved to Yorkshire, England, over a decade ago. His weapon of choice is a ballpoint pen but he is also very keen on digital illustration.

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