Déjà Vu!

It is always a pleasure to work with creative, crazy people, it make my work even more enjoyable. I’m pleased to announce that Marching Time, the anthology for which I created the art cover a few months ago, has just been released. You can find it on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

What is this book about?  Well, the Bolthole finest writers teamed up once more to write an anthology of war stories with a time travel aspect. This is the official book description:

“History is written by the victors.
History is re-written by the time travellers.
Brave men and women will fight to the death in the battle to have the last word…

There is no technology that war will not bend to its desires. And despite the risks, so too does this include the dangers of time travel. Edited by Ross O’Brien, Andrew Aston and James Fadeley, the Bolthole writing forum is proud to present twelve new tales from the cunning minds of its new and veteran authors. Including chronologically-twisted tales of warfare from Jonathan Ward, “Spares” author Alec McQuay, Lauren Grest, Mark Steven Thompson, Ed Fortune, Griff Williams, Mark Grudgings and a special guest story from veteran writer C L Werner.”

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Manuel Mesones is a Peruvian graphic designer and illustrator. Running away from the sun, he moved to Yorkshire, England, over a decade ago. His weapon of choice is a ballpoint pen but he is also very keen on digital illustration.

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