Leaving the comfort zone…

This is the first time I’ve used markers. I feel so comfortable drawing with pens and pencils that I have neglected so many other media. Disgraceful, I know!

Thankfully, I’ve been watching lately some of my favourite artists doing their craft on Youtube and Facebook – who needs a TV huh! Anyway, watching them have motivated me to start trying different techniques. I keep saying to myself things like: “that was clever, I should try that” or “oh, so this is how that was done!”

I bought a bunch of Copic markers, inks, acrylics and a Strathmore Bristol Smooth Paper pad. As it happens I was finishing reading a short story by James Fadeley and believe it or not, Marissa, the protagonist of the story, almost drew herself on the pad…


The short story is called “Favours The Prepared” and it is part of a book called Fox Pockets Vol 3 Guardians by Fox Spirits. There are other authors I like in that book such as Jonathan Ward and Alec McQuay. I bought the kindle on Amazon.

I wanted to keep the drawing very simple, this was an exercise after all, so I opted for a comic book style. After I finished it I took the artwork into the computer and started to play with lights and shadows and added some textures I keep recycling 😛



All in all I quite enjoyed the experience of exploring techniques and I’m planning to keep playing some more with my new toys. I’ll keep you posted 🙂



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Manuel Mesones is a Peruvian graphic designer and illustrator. Running away from the sun, he moved to Yorkshire, England, over a decade ago. His weapon of choice is a ballpoint pen but he is also very keen on digital illustration.

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