Here Are Dragons

It is said that in ancient maps cartographers would use the inscription, HIC SVNT DRACONES, to mark unexplored territories at the edge of the known world. A warning to the explorers about those dark places on Earth, where dragons, sea serpents and other mythical creatures were believed to live.

Though there are only two known uses of this inscription in ancient maps, the whole concept always had my imagination running wild. To me it feels akin to what a creative mind is: uncharted, mysterious and free of boundaries. Like a child staring at the sea under the stars.

Welcome to my imaginarium.

When I started working as a graphic designer (many moons ago), you were expected to get your hands dirty regardless of the job. You would swiftly move from designing a logo, to work on the layout for an interactive CD, to create some packaging mock-ups. In other words, you had to be well-rounded, possess some solid core skills and have a great sense of humour.

Fast forwarding 20 years my working ethos remain the same. I’m not a ‘web guy’ or a ‘print guy’, I’m a graphic designer. I love illustration, I have a keen eye for detail, I know my palettes and I enjoy building websites as much as I do designing a brochure. I’m a problem solver, ready to jump where the action is.

– Manuel Mesones