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About commissioning and myself

Do you do your illustrations digitally or traditionally?
Both indeed! I prefer to start sketching with pencils on paper. Depending on the job I might work with inks and do the full piece in black and white. I would then scan the artwork into the computer and colour it digitally.

How much do you charge?
I wish I could give you a straight answer but it really depends. Every commission is different and I need to look at each case individually. For example:

  • Job size and complexity – I need to calculate how long is going to take me to complete the piece.
  • Who is the client? – A multinational publisher, a small business and an individual won’t get charged the same.
  • Deadline – Is the job needed for yesterday?
  • Use of the artwork – What is the illustration for, where is it going to appear?
  • Do you want to buy the original? – The price of the traditional artwork (original) is higher than the digital version.

Who owns the copyright of the artwork?
I do. In accordance with UK copyright law, unless a separate agreement is arranged, all reproduction rights and copyrights remain with the artist. If you would like me to transfer the copyrights there will be an extra cost.

How long will a commission take?
Depending on the piece it will vary, but something between 2-6 weeks of receiving your deposit.

How do you take payments?
Paypal only. Once we agreed on the job I’d ask for 50% of the total cost (not to include shipping, if required) which is non-refundable. This will allow me to start the piece for you.

Do you have a favourite subject that you like to illustrate?
I have a soft spot for fantasy and sci-fi. I have a fascination for human anatomy. I do enjoy creating characters, getting immersed in the details; these are after all, the heart of the story!

Can you do different styles?
I certainly can adapt my style and morph it. From realistic to anime, though my comfort zone is somewhere in between and not at the extremes.

Is there anything you won’t draw?
I won’t do subject matter that is extremely objectionable. I don’t do pornography or hentai. Just not my thing.

It's all about teamwork!

It is an honour to be chosen to bring someone's precious vision to life. I know the client is very excited about it and so am I. To do the best I can I need to be inspired by the subject and happy with the final layout - the job has to meet my own professional standards. For that reason, if I judge for example, that your choice of colours is not the best, I need you to trust me. Be assured that whilst the artwork I produce may not be exactly the same as the image you have in your mind, I will always do my very best to create something that comes very close to it.

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